Chester from Dallas

October 6, 2020
Casework Success Stories
Internal Revenue Service

In April of last year, Chester became disabled. He applied for disability benefits with the knowledge that they would be suspended after December 2019 as he would be turning 66, and he would start relying on regular social security benefits. His social security benefits were approved, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) said they would withhold his benefits from December 2019 to March 2020 because they mistakenly believed that he would be receiving disability payments during that period, but he would not. Confused and missing his social security benefits, Chester contacted Rep. Allred for help.

As soon as Rep. Allred heard about Chester's situation, Rep. Allred inquired with the SSA and received a response within a month. The SSA explained that they had thought that Chester would be receiving disability benefits, but since that was not the case--Chester was paid the Social Security benefits he was owed from December to March. Chester is now receiving his benefits as scheduled.

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