David from Richardson

April 5, 2019
Casework Success Stories
Social Security Administration

When Richardson resident David turned 65, he signed up for Medicare Part B coverage. Having medical coverage is extremely important to David’s health because he is currently dealing with several ailments, including diabetes and a recent heart attack. However, David never received his Medicare card, which confirmed his coverage. David, therefore, could not receive the necessary treatment from his doctors. 

David made multiple efforts in person and over the phone to get his Medicare card. That is why it came as a surprise to him that not only would he not be receiving his card, but his Medicare coverage had been discontinued altogether. David appealed the decision, but as his health was deteriorating rapidly, he knew he would need additional support. After not having coverage for 10 months he turned to Rep. Allred’s office for help. 

Rep. Allred quickly contacted the Social Security Administration to have his coverage reinstated. After many months without coverage, he was reinstated into Medicare Part B. David confirmed with Rep. Allred’s staff that he was on his way to his first doctor visit in quite some time.  

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