Helping North Texans: Julie from Garland

June 3, 2019
Casework Success Stories
Department of Education

Julie is a social worker from Garland who worked at nonprofit organizations for over a decade. During this time, she stayed up to date with her student loan payments in order to qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. As a single mother, Julie aims to make smart financial decisions for the well-being of her son. Loan forgiveness would allow her to continue to provide for her family. 

When Julie had some confusion on how many qualifying payments she made for the program, she contacted the Department of Education to get some clarification. After no response from the department, she contacted Rep. Allred’s office. 

Immediately, Rep. Allred inquired to the Department of Education, and was able to let Julie know she only had a few more payments left. As of today, the remainder of her loans have been forgiven. Julie was grateful that this resolution will help give her financial stability and help her provide for her son. 

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