Kathi from Rowlett

April 30, 2020
Casework Success Stories
United States Postal Service

For several years, the mail in Kathi’s neighborhood was routinely delivered to the incorrect addresses. This resulted in Kathi and her neighbors needing to meet up to exchange their mail on a weekly basis, which led to frequent delays and difficulties for her husband, who is disabled. Kathi and her neighbors lodged multiple complaints with their local Post Office, but the problem still persisted. That’s when Kathi turned to Rep. Allred for help. 

Rep. Allred immediately contacted the United States Postal Service (USPS) and pressed for answers on what could be done to resolve the delivery issues in Kathi’s neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, her Post Office committed to alleviating these issues by creating a warning system to track any incorrect deliveries on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Post Office provided a direct line to the District Manager for Kathi to call immediately upon receiving misdelivered mail.

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