Helping North Texans: Lisa from Richardson

August 12, 2020
Casework Success Stories
Department of Education

After getting her degree, Lisa owed about $70,000 in federal student loans. In 2017, Lisa filed an application with the Department of Education (DOE) to discharge her loans due to total and permanent disability. The application was approved, and Lisa’s loan balance became zero. However, in late 2019 and early 2020, the loan balance was suddenly reinstated, and Lisa owed payments again even though she was still disabled and living on a fixed income. She tried to contact her loan servicer and the DOE with documentation many times through letters, emails, and calls, but she could not get the issue resolved. After months of frustration, Lisa reached out to Rep. Allred for help. 

When Rep. Allred heard about Lisa’s difficulties, he inquired with the DOE for answers on what could be done to resolve Lisa’s situation. The DOE did not respond immediately, but Rep. Allred pressed on to get Lisa the answers she deserved. After several inquiries and months of persistence, the DOE responded that Lisa’s new discharge application had been approved and her balance would return to zero. Additionally, her loans would be reported in good standing, and both the DOE and her loan servicer would communicate with Lisa more effectively in the future. 

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*name has been changed to maintain anonymity