Tetsade from Dallas

October 21, 2019
Casework Success Stories

Tetsade and her family immigrated from Brazil to Dallas so she and her husband could further their studies. After receiving her doctorate in neuroscience, Tetsade was offered a position at a local research institution conducting lab research on the nervous system. She was excited about this project because it would allow her to contribute to the development of medications aiding in pain relief.

However, before Tetsade could begin working on the research project, she needed to obtain a work permit. She had applied for her work permit before she started her job search. Once she received a job offer, Tetsade submitted an expedite request to receive her permit faster, but two months later she was still waiting. She could not decline the job offer because her family needed the added income or they would need to move. With the deadline of her job offer quickly approaching, and no answer from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), she turned to Rep. Allred for help.

Rep. Allred and his team inquired with USCIS about the status of her work permit and a week later, her work permit was delivered to her. Tetsade was able to accept the job offer, allowing her to work in the field she moved to the United States to study. 

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