Yiping from Garland

March 8, 2019
Casework Success Stories
United States Customs and Immigration Services

Yiping immigrated to Garland, Texas from China in order to further his education and pursue his American Dream. With a diploma in hand from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a passion for software engineering, Yiping was able to land his dream job at a major tech company. 

Before he could start his new job, Yiping needed a work permit. He was scheduled to receive his permit the month before his official start date but received nothing in the mail. After postponing his start date, and inquiring several times to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with no answer, Yiping feared he would lose his job. That’s when he contacted Rep. Allred’s office.

Right away, Rep. Allred inquired with USCIS and found that a technical issue was holding up his work permit. Within three weeks of the inquiry, Yiping received his work permit in the mail, just in time for his new start date at his new job.

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