Allred Statement on the Attack at Kabul Airport

August 26, 2021
Press Release

DALLAS – Congressman Colin Allred (TX-32), a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement on the attack at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

“My thoughts and deepest condolences are with the families of the U.S. service members and others who were murdered and wounded by the terrorist attack on our humanitarian mission in Kabul. 

“Their bravery has already saved thousands of American and Afghan lives, and as a nation, we owe them a debt of gratitude we can never repay. 

“I commend our brave service members and diplomatic personnel for continuing to execute the mission and work to evacuate Americans and our partners despite this dangerous situation. 

“This attack is another dark reminder that our counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan will continue, beginning with bringing those responsible for this attack to justice.”